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M. Simard

Coordinates: Montreal and surroudings
Availability: January 2018
Contact: simard@leberger.biz

Computer specialist of 25 years of experience, I have acquired my expertise in analysis, in architecture and in complex processes implementation and optimization, for large companies having a lot of participants.

My experiences and my passion allow me to offer adapted support to managers and technical teams to conceive, enhance and implement simple, robust and low-cost business solutions.

Expertise domains:
  • Management: budget planning, risk management, call for tenders, service agreement, price negociation, sme owner
  • Analysis: discussion of inter-department processes, dataflow evaluation, negociation of solutions, transparency and easy of use
  • Development: modeling, data warehouse (dss), parallelism, etl, transactional system (oltp), rad, client-server, object model, recursivity
  • Production: security, production work schedule, automated installation, platform move, encryption, cluster, backup, climate control, 24/7, pager

Technical knowledge:
  • Unix: linux (centos, red hat, suse, fedora, ubuntu, ...), solaris, hp-ux, aix, mac os x, cygwin
  • Database: greenplum, postgresql, teradata, oracle, mysql, db2, sqlserver, sybase, mongodb
  • Network: tcp/ip, vpn, ssl, voip, pare-feu, dns, dhcp, ipx, ftp, pop, imap, ids, adsl, cat5e
  • Programming: c/c++, git, bash, bat, sql, plsql, odbc, perl, ruby, html, css, java, php, cvs
  • Windows: windows 10, 7, vista, xp, serveur 2003, serveur 2000, nt, 98, 95, 3.1, 3.0, 1.0
  • Mainframe: zos, 3270, cobol, ispf, jcl, dmlo, olq, cics, mvs, tso, rexx, clist, culprit, res
  • Hardware: sun, dell, hp, ibm, pc, mac, emc, raid, san, nas, sas, pci, bios, dat, lto, x86, arm


2004 - today : Le Berger Informatique inc. - Montreal and Quebec
1996 - 2003 : Consultem - France, Spain and United States
1994 - 1995 : M3i - Montreal and New York
1992 - 1994 : Consyst SQL - Quebec and Montreal
1988 - 1991 : University terms - Quebec, Montreal and Hull


10 months


C z/OS Programmer Analyst


Goal: Develop in agile mode a multi-threaded Interac gateway on a tight schedule

  • Learn the complex codevelopment environment in a few weeks
  • Create the structure for 2 bi-directionnal multi-threaded gateways based on in-house templates
  • Install, configure and maintain a git environment for the team and the managers
  • Enhance the main tcb and start the threads as stated by the parameters from the parmlib configuration
  • Implement the tcp/ip gateway part allowing a simultaneous issuer and acquirer mode
  • Code the logic of a few Interac transactions : 322D, 322R, 0400, 0410, 0850, 607D, 607R
  • Environment: os: z/os, ispf, windows 10, cygwin tools: iso-8583, git, emacs, vi, ispf, jcl, vsam, imn, bash, ssh, scp

34 months


Technical Expert


Goal: Advise the development support team for any kind of complex problems

  • Stabilise, optimize and simplify the loading of 5 billions lines of data [gain:+250%]
  • Find the performance problem of a hundred solaris machines affecting more than 3000 users
  • Compose a large document explaining how to correct the solaris performance problem [+700%]
  • Develop ease of use tools to facilitate the work of the development support team
  • Implement many monitoring processes to detect problems preemptively
  • Build an intranet automatically updated and containing dozens of tools to help the teams
  • Advise the development support team for questions related to unix, networks, windows or database
  • Resolve stability issues in working with the main suppliers: IBM and Bell
  • Environment: os: aix 5.1, solaris 10.10, red hat linux, windows 7/10 tools: db2, weblogic, oracle, css, bash, ssh, chef, xcom

3 months

Client in the Software Domain

Computer Architect


Goal: Move a server room and implement VoIP phones

  • Build an action plan and find providers: datacenter, optical fibers, network and VoIP
  • Send a list of 75 questions for each activity and negociate with the bidders
  • Reassure the client, respect a tight budget and accept a lot of stress when encountering issues
  • Backup (10TB) and move the servers, configure networks and deliver a documentation
  • The new architecture was taken as a model by the other branches
  • Environment: os: vmware esx, linux, hp-ux, ibm aix, sun solaris, knoppix, windows 2003, hardware: firebox router, optical fiber, voip, poe, sip, polycom, pstn, nas, tools: web, ssh, nc, dd

3 months

Union des Producteurs Agricoles



Goal: Political, financial and technical analysis of the IT environment

  • Discuss with involved departments : information technology, human resources, internal clients
  • Study the technical environments, procedures in place and the work methods
  • Analyze the progress of many projects in accordance with allocated budgets
  • Deliver a concise report stating the strong and weak points as well as my recommendations
  • Environment: delphi, oracle, php, vmware, linux, hpux, san, windows, libre office
74 months

Air Canada

Computer Architect


Goal: Automate the architecture producing thousands of daily reports

  • Management and analysis
  • Establish working methods in creating tools used by the teams
  • Restructure many dataflows making them simpler and more efficient
  • Participate in a call for tenders to find a dataware house architecture
  • Act as a guru for computer related questions for managers and technicians
  • Calculate the majority of the numbers used in the dashboard of the Air Canada direction
  • Build a uniformized hierarchy for directories, files and processes
  • Model, reorganize and optimize databases, their objects and their accesses
  • Automate many repetitives tasks to enhance procedures actually in place
  • Evaluate the computer needs and proceed to the purchase of necessary equipments
  • Construct a prototype server to centralize resources for price calculation

  • Development
  • Greatly reduce the calculation time for aeroplan booking from 7 hours to 7 minutes
  • Optimize dozens of processes to be under the 60-minutes barrier
  • Train a unix and database administrator as well as many developers
  • Develop many tools enabling programmers to secure their code
  • Create 90 softwares doing complex data processing; 25000 lines of etl code
  • Allow data exchange with: ftp, sftp, scp, ssh, email, samba, netware, http

  • Production
  • Order and configure Linux servers and networks for the 24/7 production
  • Troubleshoot physical components and place the service calls
  • Put in place a redundant system of the production platform synchronised regularly
  • Establish an intranet for the documentation and controlling 175 daily jobs
  • Tightly collaborate with teams in place to achieve a stable production
  • Revise all procedures and halve the number of messages sent to the pager
  • Be the dba of the databases: postgresql, greenplum, mysql, teradata, oracle
  • Work in concert with different partners: IBM, Teradata, Bell, Lufthansa
  • Implement a backup and archive system with their associated cycles
  • Environment: os: linux centos, linux fedora, aix 5L, windows, cygwin database: greenplum, postgresql, teradata, oracle, mysql, sql server, pl/sql, sql tools: ssh, sendmail, dovecot, bind, dhcp, x3270, sftp, lftp, ftp, netware, samba, xfs, ext3, bash, ksh, zsh software: webfocus, apache, tomcat, tortoisecvs, resiii, planet, pros

6 months

Air Canada Vacances

Computer Architect


Goal: Optimize and stabilize the website and the customer service platform

  • Analyze the environment : windows, 6 web servers, 1 oracle server and 2 mainframes
  • Find the problems in analysing machines and in discussing with the teams
  • Recommend c++ code optimizations to the software supplier developing the product
  • Optimize the database in analyzing objects and sql requests written in german
  • Train the on-site teams and give them tools to prevent future serious slowdowns
  • Result: the waiting time has gone from 3 minutes to less than 15 seconds by screen
  • Environment: os: linux, aix 5L, windows, san database: oracle, ingres tools: sql, pl/sql, c++, wireshark/ethereal, ptrace, strace, apache, tomcat, sar, top, vmstat
0.5 month

Union des Producteurs Agricoles

Technical Expert


Goal: Help the human resources department select 2 information technology directors

  • Discuss with the computer teams to know the expectations of the working teams
  • Evaluate the skills and the integration ability of candidates during the interviews
  • Write a complete report and recommend a preference order for candidates
  • Environment: windows, office

112 months

Ecole de Langues LPS

Computer Architect

Quebec, Montreal

Goal: Implement a computer architecture and a management system

  • Act as the primary contact for any computer or software problems
  • Supervise 2 programmers to completely rework the management system
  • Standardize the computer equipments and the softwares to facilitate the user support
  • Improve the inter-branch (5) network in changing equipments and suppliers
  • Establish a windows domain architecture to allow centralization of accounts
  • Install and configure the network and telephony in some branches
  • Result: a stable and secure architecture with multiple remote access as well as a functional, precise and stable course and billing management software
  • Environment: windows, linux ubuntu, dns, dhcp, ntp, ssh, shell, bash, adsl, samba, cygwin, pfsense, many windows tools

2 months

Direct Impact

Computer Architect


Goal: Reorganize production and transfer 40 internet websites having db from windows 2000 to 2003

  • Install a standard nomenclature: directories, iis names and sql server databases
  • Communicate with the internet provider to propagate ip addresses changes into their dns
  • Organize ftp sites to isolate and protect data between connected clients
  • Document the new environnement and give recommendations for the future
  • Environment: windows 2000 (iis5), windows 2003 (iis6) mysql, sql server, iisexport, ftp, rdp, vnc, zsh

8 months


Network Administrator


Goal: Fix computer related problems for various individuals

  • Put in place and configure networks and softwares depending on the needs of the client
  • Propose new working methods and, if wanted, reorganize their environment
  • Teach users office automation tools, the internet, windows and linux usage
  • Verify an accounting software development proposition for a small enterprise
  • Install and configure small windows and linux environments
  • Environment: tcp/ip network (router, switch, adsl modems, cat5e cables) windows xp (antivirus, antispyware, office, firefox, thunderbird, irfanview, 7zip), linux (ubuntu, knoppix, openoffice, gimp)
11 months


Windows Administrator

Marseille, Paris

Goal: Be the technical adviser for the recruiters and the windows administrator

  • Assist the sales team when interviewing candidates for technical questions
  • Create tests with standard answers for evaluating interviewed candidates
  • Administrate windows servers, network, mail server, telephones and Minitel
  • Support users for the internet, the mail and the office automation products
  • Put in place a gfs tape backup management strategy
  • Environment: dell servers (windows nt, backup exec, microsoft exchange), intel clients (windows nt, act!, office, internet explorer, outlook)

23 months


BI Architect

Paris, Madrid,
San Francisco

May 2002 (2 months)

Goal: Supervise teams of Madrid, Spain, for a billing benchmark load
  • Create a data generator to simulate the wanted load
  • Write a report containing my technical and fonctional recommendations

August 1999 (11 months)

Goal: Optimize the 24/7 production as an architect, oracle dba, and unix administrator
  • Advise the IT director when meeting the main software supplier
  • Make the link between analysts, programmers and operations for computer problems
  • Recommend improvements concerning data models and their related processes
  • Plan the architecture production growth for the next 3 years
  • Optimize the production: billing from 35 to 14 hours and data loading from 20 to 8 hours
  • Verify the backups and the daily recovery on a standby environment
  • Create a loading test to validate the new version with 3 millions clients
  • Establish an intranet containing daily audits and the documentation
  • Migrate the production database from Oracle 7.4.3 to 8.0.5

September 1997 (10 months)

Goal: Be the unix hacmp administrator and oracle dba of the billing system
  • Administrate the production, integration and development environments
  • Develop a transfer software with on-the-fly encryption of production's data
  • Configure oracle*gateway for the communication between oracle and sybase
  • Supervise 2 junior oracle dba and help the software team in creating tools for them
  • Put in place an intranet for the daily operations, backup logs, and the documentation

Environment: sun e10k/e6000/e450 (solaris 2.5/2.6, oracle 7.4.3 to 8.1, 20 cpus), ibm rs/6000 (aix 3.5.1 hacmp, oracle 7.2.3 to 7.3.4, 4 cpus), sybase, ksh, smp, infranet, pro*c, oracle reports, oracle forms
11 months

Eli Lilly

Programmer Analyst


March 2002 (3 months + 1 month)

Goal: Optimize data warehouse processes
  • Optimize pl/sql code to reduce the daily processing time from 5 to 1 hour
  • Rewrite the etl software calculating sales and reduce the processing time from 10 to 1 hour
  • Document and deliver the softwares to the integration team that have put them into production

May 2001 (7 months)

Goal: Create a data converter software translating data between 6 production systems
  • Develop the internal structure in etl modules after discussing with Siebel and the client
  • Establish a website containing project follow-ups and documentations
  • Optimize oracle to divide data loading time with a twentyfold speedup
  • Knowledge transfer and document the software in english: 3 guides, 80 pages

Environment: sun e6000/e450 (solaris 2.6, oracle 8.1, 4 cpus, ksh, cvs, sql, pl/sql, ftp), compaq servers (windows nt, crm siebel server manager and siebel eim, perl)

1 month


Computer Architect


Goal: Repair a web architecture suffering of slowness and having daily crashes

  • Audit the platform: cpu, disks, network, unix, oracle, apache, php and c code
  • Modify oracle and unix parameters, sql commands, c and php code
  • Result: A response time from 60 to 3 seconds, accounts creation from 40 to 2 minutes, no more non-scheduled production stop and 50% memory freed
  • Environment: sun e250 (solaris 2.6, oracle 8.1.5, 2 cpus), serveurs dell (linux, debian, apache, php, c, sql)

5 months

Club Med Online

Computer Architect


Goal: Be the oracle dba and the dataflow adviser for the company

  • Participate at the new architecture definition for the production and development platforms
  • Introduce a backup process and 70 daily databases verifications
  • Calculate web statistics and updates them on the intranet
  • Teach programmers and correct sql, php and java code
  • Migrate oracle databases from 7.4.3 towards 8.0.6
  • Environment: sun e10000 (solaris 2.6, oracle 8.0.6, 12 cpus, ksh), sun e250 (solaris 2.6, apache, php, java), mysql, webalizer
8 months

France Télécom Radio Messagerie

Computer Architect


Goal: Be the architect, unix administrator and the oracle dba of the company

  • Advise and assist the 12 project managers, the analysts and the programmers
  • Install an intranet and multiples verifications updated daily
  • Prepare unix and oracle environments for the year 2000 tests
  • Administrate the 10 hp-ux machines and the 16 oracle databases and instances
  • Educate a junior unix administrator and the programmers to unix, oracle and network
  • Optimize code : reduction of the load of the main machine from 99% to 0.03%
  • Environment: hp-9000 (hp-ux 10.20, oracle 7.2 à 8.0, emc, 6 cpus), server compaq for the intranet (linux red hat, apache), dns, ftpd, ksh, reflection, sql, html

16 months

Roussel Uclaf

Oracle DBA


Goal: Be the dba for the headquarter site and educate a junior oracle dba

  • Administrate the 20 oracle databases in a 24/7 international production context
  • Cooperate with other branches dba: Germany, Canada, United States and Tokyo
  • Advise the 3 unix administrators, the 8 project managers and the 5 programmers
  • Develop reports with Impromptu and educate future programmers to it
  • Teach unix to a class of 40 users for a basic formation
  • Program an etl for the automatic transfer of medical data
  • Optimize database and SQL commands: clintrial screens from 21 to 7 seconds, patients validation from 20 to 1 minute and data loading from 30 to 2 minutes
  • Environment: hp-t500 (hp-ux 9.0, oracle 7.0.16 à 7.2.3, 4 cpus), clintrial, impromptu, oracle names, ksh, sql

4 months

France Telecom Head Office

Computer Architect


Goal: Create an automatic installation system for an ETL system automating transfers from the data warehouse to the 50 subsidiaries

  • Be the unix administrator, the oracle dba and the business objects administrator of the project
  • Analyze and develop a transfer software using bourne shell, pl/sql and sql
  • Create a data loading software for oracle without human assistance
  • Install hp-ux, netware, oracle and business object environments
  • Program automatic errors recovery when transferring with cft
  • Deliver the analysis, an installation guide and a user guide
  • Environment: hp 9000/812 (hp-ux 10.0, oracle 7.2, 2 cpus), os/2, netware 3.11, windows for workgroups, cft, business objects, cvs, bourne shell, sql, pl/sql
16 months


Oracle DBA - C Programmer Analyst

Montreal, New York

Goal: Create the data model and develop libraries for a phone call management system

  • Be the data architect, the oracle dba and one of the c programmer analyst
  • Model and normalize all the c structures and the tables of the database
  • Create a programmation language for the manipulation of mainframe screens
  • Develop a c library bounding the database and the message server
  • Environment: hp 9000/715 (hp-ux 9.0, oracle 7.1, informix, c, cvs, xvt, oci, emacs, gdb), intel (windows nt, visual c++, vss (visual source safe), xvt, oci), alpha (osf/1, c, xvt, oci, emacs, cc, gdb)

30 months

Consyst SQL

Programmer Analyst Consultant

Quebec, Montreal

Goal: Be a consultant of the company software and implement the architecture at clients

  • Rousseau Sauvé Warren - Project manager - 12 months
    Analyse and develop an entire accounting system and supervise 2 programmers
  • Consyst SQL - Internal C developer - 12 months
    Create a source code translator used in a language reform that will be used by all clients
  • Téléglobe - Programmer Analyst - 4 months
    Analyze and develop 30 reports for a human resources system
  • Fédération des commissions scolaires - Teacher - 2 months
    Assist in the migration of their system towards the product
  • Environment: intel (windows 3.1, windows for workgroup, netware 3.11, oracle v6-v7, watcom sql/sybase), sql*design, c, ms-sdk, oracle forms, oracle reports

16 months

Sherbrooke University

Programmer Analyst Trainee

Quebec, Montreal, Hull

Goal: Accomplish enterprise paid terms of 4 months included in the university cursus

  • Hydro-Quebec - Programmer Analyst - Create decisions helping tools for the director. 2 terms
  • Commission des transports du Québec - Maintenance - Maintain code from analysis to coding
  • Customs and excise Canada - Tester - Verify the system and develop an error tracking software
  • Environment: intel (windows, oracle v5, oracle forms et reports, clipper, c, dbase III+), ibm 370/3275 (mvs, cobol, cics, jcl, culprit, idms, ispf/pdf, dml/o, olq, sdf), hp-3000 (mvs, quizz)

20 months

Alarmes Tecno-Kebec

Programmer Analyst

  • Establish an alarm management system and its alarm communication software
  • Environment: intel (c, dbase, clipper), commodore 64 (basic, assembleur 6502)


Diplomas : 1988-1991, Sherbrooke University, B.Sc. in Computer Science
1986-1988, CEGEP of Chicoutimi, DEC in Applied Sciences
Languages : English, French, Spanish (base)
References : Available here with password