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M. Simard

Coordinates: city:Montreal, province:Quebec, country:Canada
Availability: December 2023 - in contrat for 37 months
Contact: simard@leberger.biz

Computer specialist of 30 years of experience, I have acquired my expertise in analysis, in architecture and in complex processes implementation and optimization, for large companies having a lot of participants.

My experiences and my passion allow me to offer adapted support to managers and technical teams to conceive, enhance and implement simple, robust and low-cost business solutions.

Expertise domains
  • Management: budget planning, risk management, call for tenders, service agreement, price negociation, sme owner
  • Analysis: discussion of inter-department processes, dataflow evaluation, negociation of solutions, transparency and easy of use
  • Development: modeling, data warehouse (dss), parallelism, etl, transactional system (oltp), rad, client-server, object model, recursivity
  • Production: 99.999%, security, backup, production work schedule, automated installation, platform move, encryption, cluster, climate control, 24/7, pager

Technical knowledge
  • Web: akamai cdn, akamai gtm, apache, nginx, varnish, waf, vpn, cms
  • Virtualization: openstack, docker, vmware, java, aws
  • Unix: linux (red hat rhel, ubuntu, centos, suse, ...), solaris, hp-ux, aix, mac os x, cygwin
  • Database: greenplum, postgresql, teradata, oracle, mysql, db2, sqlserver, sybase
  • Nosql database: couchbase, mongodb
  • Network: tcp/ip, ssl, voip, firewall, f5, lb, dns, ntp, dhcp, ipx, ftp, pop, imap, ids, adsl, cat5e
  • Programming: c/c++, git, bash, bat, sql, plsql, odbc, perl, ruby, html, css, java, php, cvs
  • Windows: windows 10, 7, vista, xp, serveur 2003, serveur 2000, nt, 98, 95, 3.1, 3.0, 1.0
  • Mainframe: zos, 3270, cobol, ispf, jcl, dmlo, olq, cics, mvs, tso, rexx, clist, culprit, res
  • Hardware: sun, dell, hp, ibm, pc, mac, emc, raid, san, nas, ide, sas, pci, bios, dat, lto, x86, arm

2004 - today Le Berger Informatique inc. - Montreal and Quebec
1996 - 2003 Consultem - France, Spain et United States
1994 - 1995 M3i - Montreal and New York
1992 - 1994 Consyst SQL - Quebec et Montreal
1988 - 1991 University terms - Quebec, Montreal and Hull


37 mois

*Contract in progress*

Computer Architect


Goal: Migrate the aix and solaris production infrastructure toward devops redhat linux

33 months

Bell Media

Computer Architect


Goal: Implement a devops geolocalized openstack infrastructure of the websites crave and ctv

  • Build production, development, Q&A, staging and pre-production infrastructures
  • Establish processes to offer stable devops environnements to all teams
  • Monitor proactively all environnements with 24/7 pager and create auto-correction tools
  • Create a missing backup system for the cms and restore data in wanted environments
  • Participate to network configuration : domains, zones, dmz, dns, ssl, firewall, vip, f5 lb and waf
  • Optimize and enahance the cms software in collaboration with the vendor consultant team
  • Deploy production applications in a devops context while controlling cms deficiencies
  • Contribute with the network and openstack teams to improve their infrastructures
  • Be one of the main actor for benches and correct software, network and system limitations
  • Help test the installation of an external Bell dns in the openstack infrastructure
  • Train many developers for 1 year on a weekly basis, in unix, network and system administration
  • Document the infrastructure and guide the replacement team taking the continuation
  • Environment: openstack, linux ubuntu, linux red hat, docker, zabbix, gitlab, jenkins, filebeat, elk, java, varnish, aws s3, couchbase nosql, xdcr, kafka, zookeeper, solr, bash, ansible, terraform, ultradns, react, graphql, slack, swagger, newrelic, pagerduty, jira, confluence networku: akamai cdn, akamai gtm, domain names, ssl, f5 load balancer, dmz, firewall, waf, dns, proxy, nginx, ntp

  • Special projets
  • Reco : Optimize the "recommendation" infrastructure system having a bench limit of 200 rpm at 300 ms. Result: working bench of 15000 rpm at 5 ms and the system was put in production
    Effort: 20 days - Environment: red hat rhel 7, hadoop, hbase, hdfs, spark, filebeat, elastic, kafka, nginx, docker, jmeter, vmware
  • Huawei imanager u2000 : Fix a major system having a faulty disk with a corrupt database : complex data rescue, new disk installed, activation of disk in raid 1 mirroring
    Effort: 7 days - Environment: solaris, sparc t4, solaris volume manager svm, ilom, sybase, unix tools, hard disk
  • Oracle data guard : Guide an oracle dba to help install 'data guard broker' and activate the 'standby'
    Effort: 10 days - Environment: windows server 2016, oracle 19c, dataguard, network vip, dns, batch

10 months


C z/OS Programmer Analyst


Goal: Develop in agile mode a multi-threaded Interac gateway on a tight schedule

  • Learn the complex codevelopment environment in a few weeks
  • Create the structure for 2 bi-directionnal multi-threaded gateways based on in-house templates
  • Install, configure and maintain a git environment for the team and the managers
  • Enhance the main tcb and start the threads as stated by the parameters from the parmlib configuration
  • Implement the tcp/ip gateway part allowing a simultaneous issuer and acquirer mode
  • Code the logic of a few Interac transactions : 322D, 322R, 0400, 0410, 0850, 607D, 607R
  • Environment: os: z/os, ispf, windows 10, cygwin tools: iso-8583, git, emacs, vi, ispf, jcl, vsam, imn, bash, ssh, scp
34 months


Technical Expert


Goal: Advise the development support team for any kind of complex problems

  • Stabilise, optimize and simplify the loading of 5 billions lines of data [gain:+250%]
  • Find the performance problem of a hundred solaris machines affecting more than 3000 users
  • Compose a large document explaining how to correct the solaris performance problem [+700%]
  • Develop ease of use tools to facilitate the work of the development support team
  • Implement many monitoring processes to detect problems preemptively
  • Build an intranet automatically updated and containing dozens of tools to help the teams
  • Advise the development support team for questions related to unix, networks, windows or database
  • Resolve stability issues in working with the main suppliers: IBM and Bell
  • Environment: os: aix 5.1, solaris 10.10, red hat linux, windows 7/10 tools: db2, weblogic, oracle, css, bash, ssh, chef, xcom

3 months

Client in the Software Domain

Computer Architect


Goal: Move a server room and implement VoIP phones

  • Build an action plan and find providers: datacenter, optical fibers, network and VoIP
  • Send a list of 75 questions for each activity and negociate with the bidders
  • Reassure the client, respect a tight budget and accept a lot of stress when encountering issues
  • Backup (10TB) and move the servers, configure networks and deliver a documentation
  • The new architecture was taken as a model by the other branches
  • Environment: os: vmware esx, linux, hp-ux, ibm aix, sun solaris, knoppix, windows 2003, hardware: firebox router, optical fiber, voip, poe, sip, polycom, pstn, nas, tools: web, ssh, nc, dd

3 months

Union des Producteurs Agricoles



Goal: Political, financial and technical analysis of the IT environment

  • Discuss with involved departments : information technology, human resources, internal clients
  • Study the technical environments, procedures in place and the work methods
  • Analyze the progress of many projects in accordance with allocated budgets
  • Deliver a concise report stating the strong and weak points as well as my recommendations
  • Environment: delphi, oracle, php, vmware, linux, hpux, san, windows, libre office
74 months

Air Canada

Computer Architect


Goal: Automate the architecture producing thousands of daily reports

  • Management and analysis
  • Establish working methods in creating tools used by the teams
  • Restructure many dataflows making them simpler and more efficient
  • Participate in a call for tenders to find a dataware house architecture
  • Act as a guru for computer related questions for managers and technicians
  • Calculate the majority of the numbers used in the dashboard of the Air Canada direction
  • Build a uniformized hierarchy for directories, files and processes
  • Model, reorganize and optimize databases, their objects and their accesses
  • Automate many repetitives tasks to enhance procedures actually in place
  • Evaluate the computer needs and proceed to the purchase of necessary equipments
  • Construct a prototype server to centralize resources for price calculation

  • Development
  • Greatly reduce the calculation time for aeroplan booking from 7 hours to 7 minutes
  • Optimize dozens of processes to be under the 60-minutes barrier
  • Train a unix and database administrator as well as many developers
  • Develop many tools enabling programmers to secure their code
  • Create 90 softwares doing complex data processing; 25000 lines of etl code
  • Allow data exchange with: ftp, sftp, scp, ssh, email, samba, netware, http

  • Production
  • Order and configure Linux servers and networks for the 24/7 production
  • Troubleshoot physical components and place the service calls
  • Put in place a redundant system of the production platform synchronised regularly
  • Establish an intranet for the documentation and controlling 175 daily jobs
  • Tightly collaborate with teams in place to achieve a stable production
  • Revise all procedures and halve the number of messages sent to the pager
  • Be the dba of the databases: postgresql, greenplum, mysql, teradata, oracle
  • Work in concert with different partners: IBM, Teradata, Bell, Lufthansa
  • Implement a backup and archive system with their associated cycles
  • Environment: os: linux centos, linux fedora, aix 5L, windows, cygwin database: greenplum, postgresql, teradata, oracle, mysql, sql server, pl/sql, sql tools: ssh, sendmail, dovecot, bind, dhcp, x3270, sftp, lftp, ftp, netware, samba, xfs, ext3, bash, ksh, zsh software: webfocus, apache, tomcat, tortoisecvs, resiii, planet, pros

6 months

Air Canada Vacances

Computer Architect


Goal: Optimize and stabilize the website and the customer service platform

  • Analyze the environment : windows, 6 web servers, 1 oracle server and 2 mainframes
  • Find the problems in analysing machines and in discussing with the teams
  • Recommend c++ code optimizations to the software supplier developing the product
  • Optimize the database in analyzing objects and sql requests written in german
  • Train the on-site teams and give them tools to prevent future serious slowdowns
  • Result: the waiting time has gone from 3 minutes to less than 15 seconds by screen
  • Environment: os: linux, aix 5L, windows, san database: oracle, ingres tools: sql, pl/sql, c++, wireshark/ethereal, ptrace, strace, apache, tomcat, sar, top, vmstat
0.5 month

Union des Producteurs Agricoles

Technical Expert


Goal: Help the human resources department select 2 information technology directors

  • Discuss with the computer teams to know the expectations of the working teams
  • Evaluate the skills and the integration ability of candidates during the interviews
  • Write a complete report and recommend a preference order for candidates
  • Environment: windows, office

112 months

Ecole de Langues LPS

Computer Architect

Quebec, Montreal

Goal: Implement a computer architecture and a management system

  • Act as the primary contact for any computer or software problems
  • Supervise 2 programmers to completely rework the management system
  • Standardize the computer equipments and the softwares to facilitate the user support
  • Improve the inter-branch (5) network in changing equipments and suppliers
  • Establish a windows domain architecture to allow centralization of accounts
  • Install and configure the network and telephony in some branches
  • Result: a stable and secure architecture with multiple remote access as well as a functional, precise and stable course and billing management software
  • Environment: windows, linux ubuntu, dns, dhcp, ntp, ssh, shell, bash, adsl, samba, cygwin, pfsense, many windows tools

2 months

Direct Impact

Computer Architect


Goal: Reorganize production and transfer 40 internet websites having db from windows 2000 to 2003

  • Install a standard nomenclature: directories, iis names and sql server databases
  • Communicate with the internet provider to propagate ip addresses changes into their dns
  • Organize ftp sites to isolate and protect data between connected clients
  • Document the new environnement and give recommendations for the future
  • Environment: windows 2000 (iis5), windows 2003 (iis6) mysql, sql server, iisexport, ftp, rdp, vnc, zsh

8 months


Network Administrator


Goal: Fix computer related problems for various individuals

  • Put in place and configure networks and softwares depending on the needs of the client
  • Propose new working methods and, if wanted, reorganize their environment
  • Teach users office automation tools, the internet, windows and linux usage
  • Verify an accounting software development proposition for a small enterprise
  • Install and configure small windows and linux environments
  • Environment: tcp/ip network (router, switch, adsl modems, cat5e cables) windows xp (antivirus, antispyware, office, firefox, thunderbird, irfanview, 7zip), linux (ubuntu, knoppix, openoffice, gimp)
11 months


Windows Administrator

Marseille, Paris

Goal: Be the technical adviser for the recruiters and the windows administrator

  • Assist the sales team when interviewing candidates for technical questions
  • Create tests with standard answers for evaluating interviewed candidates
  • Administrate windows servers, network, mail server, telephones and Minitel
  • Support users for the internet, the mail and the office automation products
  • Put in place a gfs tape backup management strategy
  • Environment: dell servers (windows nt, backup exec, microsoft exchange), intel clients (windows nt, act!, office, internet explorer, outlook)

23 months


BI Architect

Paris, Madrid,
San Francisco

May 2002 (2 months)

Goal: Supervise teams of Madrid, Spain, for a billing benchmark load
  • Create a data generator to simulate the wanted load
  • Write a report containing my technical and fonctional recommendations

August 1999 (11 months)

Goal: Optimize the 24/7 production as an architect, oracle dba, and unix administrator
  • Advise the IT director when meeting the main software supplier
  • Make the link between analysts, programmers and operations for computer problems
  • Recommend improvements concerning data models and their related processes
  • Plan the architecture production growth for the next 3 years
  • Optimize the production: billing from 35 to 14 hours and data loading from 20 to 8 hours
  • Verify the backups and the daily recovery on a standby environment
  • Create a loading test to validate the new version with 3 millions clients
  • Establish an intranet containing daily audits and the documentation
  • Migrate the production database from Oracle 7.4.3 to 8.0.5

September 1997 (10 months)

Goal: Be the unix hacmp administrator and oracle dba of the billing system
  • Administrate the production, integration and development environments
  • Develop a transfer software with on-the-fly encryption of production's data
  • Configure oracle*gateway for the communication between oracle and sybase
  • Supervise 2 junior oracle dba and help the software team in creating tools for them
  • Put in place an intranet for the daily operations, backup logs, and the documentation

Environment: sun e10k/e6000/e450 (solaris 2.5/2.6, oracle 7.4.3 to 8.1, 20 cpus), ibm rs/6000 (aix 3.5.1 hacmp, oracle 7.2.3 to 7.3.4, 4 cpus), sybase, ksh, smp, infranet, pro*c, oracle reports, oracle forms
11 months

Eli Lilly

Programmer Analyst


March 2002 (3 months + 1 month)

Goal: Optimize data warehouse processes
  • Optimize pl/sql code to reduce the daily processing time from 5 to 1 hour
  • Rewrite the etl software calculating sales and reduce the processing time from 10 to 1 hour
  • Document and deliver the softwares to the integration team that have put them into production

May 2001 (7 months)

Goal: Create a data converter software translating data between 6 production systems
  • Develop the internal structure in etl modules after discussing with Siebel and the client
  • Establish a website containing project follow-ups and documentations
  • Optimize oracle to divide data loading time with a twentyfold speedup
  • Knowledge transfer and document the software in english: 3 guides, 80 pages

Environment: sun e6000/e450 (solaris 2.6, oracle 8.1, 4 cpus, ksh, cvs, sql, pl/sql, ftp), compaq servers (windows nt, crm siebel server manager and siebel eim, perl)

1 month


Computer Architect


Goal: Repair a web architecture suffering of slowness and having daily crashes

  • Audit the platform: cpu, disks, network, unix, oracle, apache, php and c code
  • Modify oracle and unix parameters, sql commands, c and php code
  • Result: A response time from 60 to 3 seconds, accounts creation from 40 to 2 minutes, no more non-scheduled production stop and 50% memory freed
  • Environment: sun e250 (solaris 2.6, oracle 8.1.5, 2 cpus), serveurs dell (linux, debian, apache, php, c, sql)

5 months

Club Med Online

Computer Architect


Goal: Be the oracle dba and the dataflow adviser for the company

  • Participate at the new architecture definition for the production and development platforms
  • Introduce a backup process and 70 daily databases verifications
  • Calculate web statistics and updates them on the intranet
  • Teach programmers and correct sql, php and java code
  • Migrate oracle databases from 7.4.3 towards 8.0.6
  • Environment: sun e10000 (solaris 2.6, oracle 8.0.6, 12 cpus, ksh), sun e250 (solaris 2.6, apache, php, java), mysql, webalizer
8 months

France Télécom Radio Messagerie

Computer Architect


Goal: Be the architect, unix administrator and the oracle dba of the company

  • Advise and assist the 12 project managers, the analysts and the programmers
  • Install an intranet and multiples verifications updated daily
  • Prepare unix and oracle environments for the year 2000 tests
  • Administrate the 10 hp-ux machines and the 16 oracle databases and instances
  • Educate a junior unix administrator and the programmers to unix, oracle and network
  • Optimize code : reduction of the load of the main machine from 99% to 0.03%
  • Environment: hp-9000 (hp-ux 10.20, oracle 7.2 à 8.0, emc, 6 cpus), server compaq for the intranet (linux red hat, apache), dns, ftpd, ksh, reflection, sql, html

16 months

Roussel Uclaf

Oracle DBA


Goal: Be the dba for the headquarter site and educate a junior oracle dba

  • Administrate the 20 oracle databases in a 24/7 international production context
  • Cooperate with other branches dba: Germany, Canada, United States and Tokyo
  • Advise the 3 unix administrators, the 8 project managers and the 5 programmers
  • Develop reports with Impromptu and educate future programmers to it
  • Teach unix to a class of 40 users for a basic formation
  • Program an etl for the automatic transfer of medical data
  • Optimize database and SQL commands: clintrial screens from 21 to 7 seconds, patients validation from 20 to 1 minute and data loading from 30 to 2 minutes
  • Environment: hp-t500 (hp-ux 9.0, oracle 7.0.16 à 7.2.3, 4 cpus), clintrial, impromptu, oracle names, ksh, sql

4 months

France Telecom Head Office

Computer Architect


Goal: Create an automatic installation system for an ETL system automating transfers from the data warehouse to the 50 subsidiaries

  • Be the unix administrator, the oracle dba and the business objects administrator of the project
  • Analyze and develop a transfer software using bourne shell, pl/sql and sql
  • Create a data loading software for oracle without human assistance
  • Install hp-ux, netware, oracle and business object environments
  • Program automatic errors recovery when transferring with cft
  • Deliver the analysis, an installation guide and a user guide
  • Environment: hp 9000/812 (hp-ux 10.0, oracle 7.2, 2 cpus), os/2, netware 3.11, windows for workgroups, cft, business objects, cvs, bourne shell, sql, pl/sql
16 months


Oracle DBA - C Programmer Analyst

Montreal, New York

Goal: Create the data model and develop libraries for a phone call management system

  • Be the data architect, the oracle dba and one of the c programmer analyst
  • Model and normalize all the c structures and the tables of the database
  • Create a programmation language for the manipulation of mainframe screens
  • Develop a c library bounding the database and the message server
  • Environment: hp 9000/715 (hp-ux 9.0, oracle 7.1, informix, c, cvs, xvt, oci, emacs, gdb), intel (windows nt, visual c++, vss (visual source safe), xvt, oci), alpha (osf/1, c, xvt, oci, emacs, cc, gdb)

30 months

Consyst SQL

Programmer Analyst Consultant

Quebec, Montreal

Goal: Be a consultant of the company software and implement the architecture at clients

  • Rousseau Sauvé Warren - Project manager - 12 months
    Analyse and develop an entire accounting system and supervise 2 programmers
  • Consyst SQL - Internal C developer - 12 months
    Create a source code translator used in a language reform that will be used by all clients
  • Téléglobe - Programmer Analyst - 4 months
    Analyze and develop 30 reports for a human resources system
  • Fédération des commissions scolaires - Teacher - 2 months
    Assist in the migration of their system towards the product
  • Environment: intel (windows 3.1, windows for workgroup, netware 3.11, oracle v6-v7, watcom sql/sybase), sql*design, c, ms-sdk, oracle forms, oracle reports

16 months

Sherbrooke University

Programmer Analyst Trainee

Quebec, Montreal, Hull

Goal: Accomplish enterprise paid terms of 4 months included in the university cursus

  • Hydro-Quebec - Programmer Analyst - Create decisions helping tools for the director. 2 terms
  • Commission des transports du Quebec - Maintenance - Maintain code from analysis to coding
  • Customs and excise Canada - Tester - Verify the system and develop an error tracking software
  • Environment: intel (windows, oracle v5, oracle forms et reports, clipper, c, dbase III+), ibm 370/3275 (mvs, cobol, cics, jcl, culprit, idms, ispf/pdf, dml/o, olq, sdf), hp-3000 (mvs, quizz)

20 months

Alarmes Tecno-Kebec

Programmer Analyst

  • Establish an alarm management system and its alarm communication software
  • Environment: intel (c, dbase, clipper), commodore 64 (basic, assembleur 6502)


Diplomas : 1988-1991, Sherbrooke University, B.Sc. in Computer Science
1986-1988, CEGEP of Chicoutimi, DEC in Applied Sciences
Languages : English, French, Spanish (base)
References : Available here with password